In this Video Masterclass you’ll discover:

  • Revealed: 5 Real examples of Products Doing Big Money Now!
  • How I source products from all around the world to sell on Amazon - just using email!
  • How to potentially ‘Automate’ up to 90% of your eCommerce business in one simple move
  • On peak selling days Amazon sells on average up to 600 products per second. See how to tap into their 300 million+ customer base
  • How to start selling on Amazon in America, Australia, the UK and all around the world - without ever needing to post a single parcel yourself, or even leaving your home!
  • The sort of unique products I suggest to sell (the answer may surprise you)

And much more.

About Sophie Howard, eCommerce Superstar & Bestselling Author

Sophie Howard used to work in a big city job for the government.

But, she wanted to break out of it - because although it paid well… she really wanted ‘lifestyle’ and to spend more time with her little ones.

Plus, she found she simply wasn’t getting ahead with the income from her ‘day job’ - all her money went on her mortgage and day to day expenses.

She heard about selling online through a friend of hers.

And, she ended up starting an Amazon business on the 20 minute bus-ride on the way to work and in her evenings once the kids had gone to bed.

Her products ‘took off’ and 9 months later she was able to quit her job - and ultimately move her family to New Zealand's pristine Southern Alps.

She has sold over 100,000 copies of her eCommerce book, and has also sold 2 Amazon businesses - one for 7 figures USD and one for 6 figures USD.

Now of course her results are not at typical - but she clearly someone we can all learn from.

In this exclusive video presentation, she reveals why there’s never been a better time than now to start selling on Amazon - and the specific actions you need to take next.