When Maxi the tortoise scaled his 12-inch fence to escape his enclosure, his owner thought he was gone forever.

But a year later, Maxi was found half a mile from his house.

The 14-year-old tortoise had travelled at a top speed of 0.00007 mph for 12 months – slower than a glacier…

Usain Bolt, he ain’t.

Sometimes achieving your goals and dreams can feel really slow and tortoise-like, too.

It’s especially hard when most folks have to spend so much time each day just dealing with getting enough money to stay afloat, and looking after our families.

But, you 100% can move things into double-speed when you have the right income-generation system – and the right support.

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This Bully Built a 40ft Fence To Block His Neighbor’s Sun


This is Charles Crocker, a railroad baron from the 1800’s.

Crocker owned a huge block of land in San Francisco that he wanted to develop.

But one of his neighbours refused to sell.

Out of spite, Crocker built a 40 foot wall around the neighbor’s home to block out the sun and make life miserable.

It was petty and unfair – it destroyed the neighbors home and forced him to move – but completely legal at the time.

Unfortunately, sometimes bad things like this that are out of your control happen in life.

But the key to overcoming them is to focus on what you can control.

And, the best way I know to get more control over your life is focussing on gaining more of the 3 levels of freedom

1. Financial freedom – Having enough money coming in each day/week/month to fund your lifestyle on a largely passive basis

2. Location freedom – Being able to live and work wherever you like in the world

3. Time Freedom – Being able to spend your days how you choose.

A question for you…

How would you rate your current life on these 3 levels of freedom?

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