Do you remember the story of Aladdin? He found a magic lamp with a genie inside that gave him 3 wishes.

Well, recently an Indian doctor was tricked into buying a ‘real’ enchanted lamp for a whopping $80,000.

Two con men duped the unfortunate man into buying the lamp. And after he realised that it didn’t have magical powers, he went to the police.

It just goes to shows there are a lot of people out there promising ‘magic’ – especially when it comes to making money.

I found this to be the case when I was looking for ways to replace my own work income.

I was missing my kids growing up because of work pressures. And, I wasn’t getting ahead financially.

But, all the opportunities I looked for online weren’t quite right for me.

Some seemed too complex – binary option trading anyone?  Some seemed like too much effort for too little reward.

And some seemed downright scammy – kind of like our Doctor friends Alladin lamp!

But, one business that I could be proud of was selling ‘real products to real people’ on Amazon.

My first product was a simple organic laundry product.  I went on to sell over 100,000 units of that product – because of Amazon’s vast market place.

And, I never even packed a single parcel myself.

Since then, I’ve sold 100’s of other simple household products.

I get a real buzz out of finding new products – it’s like a treasure hunt! – with real rewards when you find a big winner.

Do you want a hand in finding your own product to sell on Amazon?

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