I think one of the other interesting things and also a point of difference in the program is being able to sell these Amazon businesses.
So I’ve sold a couple and everybody I teach. I teach them that system from the beginning. You can’t turn up with a box of receipts two years later or a bunch of jumbled finances or you haven’t put the right contracts or agreements in place with your suppliers or you know some of the stuff around the product selection even makes a real difference to the valuation you can get for your business later.
So teaching that process from the beginning, it’s usually best practice for your business being profitable and well manage anyway. But just to have all that ready to go if you ever did want to sell and it’s all ready they’re sitting there to be valued and you can sell that for a big lump sum.
That’s something we teach on the program and I don’t know anyone else. Certainly no one else in Australia sold a business like this Amazon and someone’s I’ve sold. One of my students who’s actually one of the coaches, just sold her Amazon business for six figures and another coach is about to sell a seven figure Amazon business.

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