A few years ago, Jane Lu quit her well-paid accounting job to follow her passion.

But she decided not to tell her parents because they would disapprove.

So, every day, she would put on a suit, grab an empty laptop bag, and get the bus to the city with her mom.

Then instead of going to the office, she would spend her work hours building her ‘secret’ online fashion store.


It was tough at first. She lost money. She even wondered if she’d made a really stupid mistake.

But eventually, everything clicked – and soon Jane’s small startup grew into a $47 million business.

Inspiring story right? And she’s not alone.

There are so many inspiring people around the world creating successful new ventures online today.

For example, my friend Rachel has gone from Walmart Cashier to setting up over 5171 ‘ mini’ income streams online…selling products she never touches, sees, or pays for upfront.

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