Most people know the singer Rihanna for her music.

But did you know that she’s made far more money from her side hustles than from her singing career?

About $1.4 billion more…

It’s true!

Forbes recently declared her the second richest woman in entertainment thanks to the success of the Fenty Beauty brand and Savage X Fenty lingerie company.

Of course, this is a pretty extreme example. 

But it does show how it’s possible to continue working in your job – while also creating a side income.

Here’s a question for you –

If we were meeting up for a coffee in 12 months what sort of income would you like to have achieved from your ‘side hustle’ business to feel happy with your progress?

And, more importantly, what sort of lifestyle would you want to have created?

Where would you live? How would you spend your days?

Whatever your target is…let’s get you moving today – because fortune favours those who take massive action…

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