Most people would probably know Snoop Dogg as a musician.

But did you know he’s also one of the owners of Reddit, the 19th most popular website in the world.

That’s right.

A few years ago, Snoop Dogg teamed up with the actor Jared Leto and some other investors to buy a stake in Reddit.

It turned out to be a smart move as the website is now worth more than $3 billion.

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Now, here’s another story that may inspire you.

Even the world’s richest man fails sometimes.

A few years ago, Jeff Bezos launched a video game division while he was still the head of Amazon.


But the games they released bombed badly – and Bezos suffered a very public ‘Epic Fail’… .

But, instead of giving up, he and his team went back to the drawing board.

They learned from their mistakes – and went on to launch a mega- smash hit.

It’s called ‘New World’ and it recently had up to 700,000 folks playing it at once – a huge result!

Talking about the turnaround, Bezos said…

“It’s important to view setbacks “as helpful obstacles that drive learning. Whatever your goals are, don’t give up no matter how hard it gets…”

Have you ever failed at something? I know I have. We all have.

But think about this.

That was a chapter in your life book. You will have many chapters.

You learned something. You are still alive and breathing.

So now, move onto your next chapter of your life.

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