This is interesting…

As you probably know, Bill Gates is the billionaire founder of Microsoft – and one of the most successful entrepreneurs in history.


Now, like many he is not without his share of controversy – but as an entrepreneur he is clearly someone we all can learn from.

During a recent New York Times interview, he revealed how he starts his day.

And it’s not what you’d imagine.

Even though he’s one of the richest men on earth, Gates kicks off his daily routine by watching online courses while he’s exercising at the gym…

That’s right…

Gates believes that learning new things from courses is one of the most important things you can do. Learn and grow – this is the secret of a happy and fulfilled life.

And he’s not alone…

Billionaire investors Warren Buffet spends 7 hours a day learning.

And the world’s first space billionaire Richard Branson once said that, “The day you stop learning is the day you stop living.”

What have you learnt today? What could you learn today?

How would your life be different in the next 12 months if you spend 30 minutes each day mastering a new income producing skill?

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