Every seller wants to know if there will be enough buyers for their products before they order.

With millions of products on Amazon, how do you know which ones are in high demand?

If you make the wrong choices, you’re destined for failure!

Nobody buys and you just pour money down the drain.

While there are tools that estimate the demand for Amazon products, most of them aren’t accurate enough.

However, there is one method that offers a degree of accuracy and doesn’t require any 3rd party services – the 999 method.

It’s actually super simple.

When you want to complete a purchase on Amazon, the highest number of products that you can order is 999.

When you try to order a quantity that’s higher than what’s available, Amazon shows you how many products the seller has in stock.

You can probably envision how this works.

You do this to see how many products the seller has and write down that number.

After some time, let’s say a week, you’d do this again and figure out how many units had sold during that time. Keep repeating until you can recognise a pattern.

Now, this isn’t going to work in all cases.

For example, if the seller has an order limit, you won’t be able to place an order for 999 products.

A seller can also have more products in their inventory, or they may have added to the stock in between.

But since this doesn’t happen often, the 999 method works well enough in a lot of cases, and it can be a good start to your research.

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