Have you ever met someone who is single and looking for love…yet has had plenty of great opportunities to match with great partner…?

But, they let them all slip through…because they were waiting for the ‘perfect one’.

Well the same things happen with finding a great product to Amazon

Some people don’t get going on Amazon because they are waiting to find the “perfect product”.

These are people who, as a generalization, tend to be very analytical. They are looking at the data to choose their products.

Often this might be using research tools and there are a bunch of research tools out there that, actually, some didn’t exist when I first started doing this.

We did everything on Amazon itself looking at rankings, reviews and the quality of the other listings.

Now, there are a bunch of software tools that will spit out an answer and opportunity score saying, “This product is an eight out of 10, excellent idea,” or

“There’s five other people making $1 million a month selling a product like this with this keyword.”

There’s a lot of data out there really opening up and making transparent what’s currently happening on Amazon, so that’s great.

You have so many more data points to gather before you hit go on your product. Now it’s not always accurate, but it’s a start.

You need to come up with a product idea and some keywords that describe that product, as well as checking the numbers. You’ve got to check that there are enough demand and the competition is low.

Here is where I see people go wrong. They are looking for the perfect product. They are looking for really high demand but with virtually no competition and an amazing profit margin.

There’s just no product out there that is the perfect product.

I’ve got a checklist with pages of criteria and things that I have on my wishlist for the perfect Amazon product. I have looked at thousands and thousands of products, and I’ve never found a product where I’ve gone, “Yes, that one’s perfect.”

It just isn’t a reasonable expectation that there is a perfect product. But some people choose no product because they are waiting for the perfect product.

Each product I’ve launched had some niggles and some worry. Is that competitor able to drop their price when I turn up? Is that demand figure on that research tool accurate?

You don’t know. You have got to be in the game to find out some of this stuff. Is the supplier I’ve chosen going to be reliable? Is the quality going to be good? You’ve always got unanswered questions until you get going.

The secret is to keep your MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) as low as possible so you can “test small” until you “win big”.

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