Walmart is the largest supermarket chain in the US.

The brand operates over 4700 stores in the US alone!

It also owns ASDA in the UK and has stores in tons of other countries.

“But wait!” we hear you say. “Why is this at all relevant to me?”

Well, Walmart’s experienced something interesting during the coronavirus pandemic.

As essential stores, Walmart stores across the USA remained open. And yet, the company’s seeing a big shift in how its customers buy from it.

During the first quarter of 2020, Walmart saw a 74% increase in the number of people using its online shopping service.


What’s more, they’ve seen a 4x increase in the number of new customers using their delivery and pickup services.

So…what does this tell us?

It shows us that there’s a massive shift in consumer behaviour in the wake of the pandemic. More people than ever before want to try out online shopping.

And even in the case of essential stores – which are still open, we’re seeing an increase in eCommerce sales.

This is all part of what I am calling the great eCommerce boom ahead.

That’s great news for you as a potential Amazon seller.

It means that what’s happening right now is also opening the eyes of millions of people.

So many shoppers are in the process of discovering the joys of buying online as we speak.

They’re getting the convenience and simplicity that we’ve always known eCommerce provides.

And they’re going to want more.

Walmart’s shift is just one of the many we’re seeing in the current situation. And we anticipate that the pandemic will lead to a permanent increase in the number of people who shop online.

Can you afford to miss that opportunity?

You have the chance to get in now and offer a product that people love.

But you have to act fast. There are plenty of other people out there who want to take advantage of this new opportunity.

You can get ahead of them with our help.

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