Recently I read about a Deli that’s done about $37,000 in sales in the past 2 years…

That is somehow worth $100 million on the stock market!

Say what???

Now, you might think this a chain of Delis.

Nope, it’s one lil ol store in New Jersey.


Is this a sign of the stock market gone wild?


Here’s another clue.

Nearly one out of  10 Americans surveyed recently invested some of their government stimulus checks in Crypto.

Hello Dogecoin!

But,here’s the thing about making serious wealth in the stock market and crypto market etc.

There are amazing gains to potentially be made (and you can of course lose money too).

But, how much you can make is at least partly determined by one key factor.

Your ‘investable income’.

This means, how much money do you have left over after essential expenses (home loans, rent, food etc) and taxes?

For example, If you have $5,000 left over to invest each month, you can get rich a lot quicker than if you have $500 left over to invest each month.

If you can put $1,000 into a great investment and double your money that’s great.

But, if you can put spare $100,000 or $1 million into an investment and double your money then you are talking about serious wealth building.

That’s why I personally believe setting up a new income stream is the smartest thing you can do in your spare time – it gives you more opportunity to buy well considered assets.

In fact, this is the strategy that almost ALL the richest people I know have done:

1. Make money in business

2. Invest it wisely

Now, I am not here to tell you what you should or shouldn’t invest in.

But, I can show you the 3 of the top businesses I use to generate a healthy income stream each month, which helps to fund my investments.


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