Tim Ferris book the The 4 Hour Work Week inspired millions to “get smart” in making their dream life happen.

It took a nervous breakdown for him to make changes to his life.

But, luckily you don’t have to go that far before you change yours!

These are Tim’s top tips for taking back control of your workweek.

1. Consider the Worst-Case Scenario

Fear is the most powerful force that holds us back from achieving our dreams.

Visualize the worst thing that can go wrong?

When you have an answer, you can develop a plan for dealing with it. This will put your mind at ease and make you stop obsessing over potential issues.

This means, you can ‘lean forward’ into your most important goals and priorities, knowing you’ve got the ‘worst case’ covered.

2. Prioritise

Your daily life likely has a ton of mundane tasks. This is the exact thing you want to escape.

You want your work to be meaningful and provide you with the lifestyle you’re dreaming about. To do this, you need to prioritise.

Ask any successful business owner about this and they’ll tell you it’s crucial to success.

Once you know how to eliminate mundane tasks from your schedule, your productivity will jump.

Always, ask, ‘what’s the most important thing I can be doing now’  and do that first.

3. Batch Time-Consuming Tasks

Speaking of time management, what’s the one thing that deprives you of your valuable time but provides very little value?

It’s all of those boring and mundane tasks clogging up your to-do list.

Batch them and dispatch them!

Whether it’s paying all your bills at once or sorting all kinds of paperwork in one go, make sure to consolidate these tasks.

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4. Do the Most Important Stuff First Thing in the Morning

Ferris advises that you perform your most crucial tasks before 11 am. This is when you’re most productive, so you’re more likely to go a great job.

Later in the afternoon when you’re tired it’s easy to find excuses, so get it done early.

5. Follow the 80/20 Rule

This rule talks about finding the things that give you the best value for your efforts. Ask yourself ‘what is the small thing I can do right now, that could help bring me outsize success in _____ area’.

Tim Ferriss 100% helped me decide to start becoming an Amazon seller.

My beginnings were humble. I was tapping away on my 20-minute bus ride on the way to work.

Since then, I’ve created incredible rivers of cashflow from Amazon – even while working as little as 30 min per day on my Amazon business.

This is a true ‘lap-top lifestyle’ business model.

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