New Zealand Mum of Two Shares Her “Blue Sky” Method for Making a Side Hustle Income from the World’s Biggest Online Marketplace...

New Income Results

If you’ve ever wanted to run a remote-based business…. but just didn’t quite have the experience or confidence to start, Amazon is a great way to get started.
Scott, a dad of three teenage girls has launched a product and is about to launch two more. As an Australian, he is floored that people in the US and Canada have been buying his products!
Lucy is a part-time consultant... in three weeks she was able to launch her product and sell half of her inventory!
Adam and Sophie are a young married couple with two small children... they have launched their first two products days before Black Friday and were sold out!

* Results are not typical. Success on Amazon is dependent upon massive action, persistence and experience. The information shared is merely an example and not a guarantee of success. Your results may vary. Testimonials have been received in good faith, but have not been verified. The results of Amazon sellers are subject to change over time.

Ellie is a mum of two from the UK... eleven weeks after seeing her product go live, she has already made over $17,000 in sales from the comfort of her own home.
Noemi, recently left her job right before the Covid-19 crisis hit hard... she has reached over $6,000 in revenue, which was really amazing. She also has big plans for 2021.
Shehryar is a project manager by profession and originally from Pakistan and on the 12th day of his launch. He made over $2,000 in sales and thought it is amazing in terms of the new launch.
Craig was in a finance career a couple years ago... he was happily surprised when he made $10,000 in sales over a 30 day period. Now, he has plans to list multiple products to launch in the future.

* Results Not Typical

About Sophie Howard

I used to work in the corporate world and in government. But, I wanted to break out of it, because although it paid well… I really wanted ‘lifestyle’ and to spend more time with my little ones.

I searched online for a long time for the ‘right’ idea.

Then, after much research, I decided starting an Amazon business was the most realistic way for my husband and I to replace our incomes.

After a few ‘false starts’ (which I’ll share with you about) we’ve been able to create a consistent, predictable income from our Amazon businesses. My passion now is spending time with my family doing outdoorsy stuff – skiing, bush walking etc.

Now, I’d love to share with you, some of the tips, tricks, (and yes, mistakes) I’ve learnt along the way…to make your path as easy and ‘stress-free’ as possible.

Because I know if I can do it…you can do it too, when have the right system and support. I wish you every success on your journey, and hope I can help in some way.

Sophie Howard