What success lesson can you learn from a Tree?


“What one tree produces can feed, inform or rejuvenate another. Such reciprocity does not necessitate universal harmony, but it does undermine the dogma of individualism and temper the view of competition as the primary engine of evolution.”     

It’s easy to see business as a ‘dog eat dog world’…where it’s every person for themselves.

And, the truth is, that does exist!

I would not want to be one of Jeff Bezos’s competitors, because he is a seriously tough competitor.

But, even he is big on cooperation.

After all, around 50% of products sold on Amazon’s platform, are sold by 3rd party sellers.

He benefits from folks listing our products on Amazon.

And we benefit from Amazon’s:

*Incredible logistics machine they’ve created that gets products to customers so fast

* Trusted customer care and ‘1-click’ ordering system which makes it so easy for folks to buy

*Their huge customer 300 million+ customer base – which we can sell our products too

And, much more.

It’s the ultimate win/win deal…all possible through partnering with Amazon.

All possible through working together.

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