If you need a lovely steaming cup of coffee to wake up in the morning, then here’s some bad news.

According to the International Coffee Organisation, the world doesn’t have enough coffee to meet demand this year.


And there could soon be caffeine shortages – leading to a lot of cranky people in the mornings and higher prices.

This is a disaster!

But, of course, if you love coffee – like me! – you’re likely going to fork out whatever the cost.

This is a great example of the law of supply and demand, which is something I take advantage of in my Amazon business.

If you sell something that a lot of people want, but is hard to get, you can charge higher prices and make more money.

But, here’s another twist on that…

What if you sell a product for a cheaper price – as little as $3 – $6.

But, you make up to 70% profit margin on each sale – and you potentially sell 1,000’s of them per month.

And, what if this whole process happens virtually on autopilot for you – without needing to source a single physical product from overseas.

This is a real ‘light-touch’ lifestyle business.


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