The picture above is of a shop in Japan called Tanaka-Ika.

It sells goods and snacks to travellers, but what’s really amazing is that it’s more than 1,133 year old.

In fact, when it was founded the Egyptians were building pyramids and Vikings were sailing the seas.

The big secret to its success?

According to the current owner it’s that they take a big picture and long term view of everything.

Based on this, I’ve got a question for you…

If we were talking in 1 year from now, what sort of income would you want to have achieved with your online business…to feel satisfied with your progress?

What if we were chatting 5 years from now? What sort of income would you want to have achieved to feel happy with how things are going?

And, what sort of lifestyle you you want to have looking forward 5 years? How would you spend your days?

And, most importantly whats one single “power-move” can you take today to move closer to that goal?

Let’s help you get moving…

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