Martha Stewart is an odd one when it comes to looking for entrepreneurs who can inspire you.

On one hand, she’s built a fantastic empire of products that have made her a billionaire.

For so much of her career, she was the person people immediately thought about when the topic of home-based products came up.


On the other hand…


She went to jail because of insider trading.

And, the weird habit that I read about the other day only adds to that.

Apparently, Martha Stewart is very controlling when it comes to what her employees can and can’t do.

For example, they may only use pens that have red or black ink. Yes, no blue allowed.

Her employees are also not allowed to have any decorations or personal items on their desks.

Plus, their desks must be cleaned at the end of every day.

That last one doesn’t surprise me, given Martha’s market and how she made her money.


This is an awful lot of control to exert over an employee!

Of course, all credit where it’s due, she’s definitely built an incredible legacy through her homewares business.

But you know for me, I am all about autonomy.

This means being free in how I spend my days, where I live, who I spend my time with etc.

This is real freedom.

Speaking of which, let me introduce a friend of mine who loves having the freedom to travel.

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Just recently, she was in a Yacht in Croatia, then not long after she was in Mexico horse riding on the beach.


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