Hey, guys, this is Adrian. I’m coming to you from the southern highlands. I’ve been with Sophie’s course for about almost two years, now. I worked as an analyst; now, I basically run my Amazon business full time. So a few key facts about me. Prior to Sophie’s course, I’ve tried a lot of things with online sales, didn’t really work out, courses weren’t as comprehensive as I had anticipated. Post Sophie’s course and during Sophie’s course, I got so much clarity about what I needed to do to succeed in the world of basically selling online. And Sophie’s course really gives you an in-depth breakdown as to what you need to do to succeed and all the steps you need to follow, from research to product sourcing to basically sales and customer service.

So prior to Sophie’s course, didn’t really have that clear direction as to where I needed to go. During and after Sophie’s course, I have so much clarity and confidence within myself that I’m able to really basically spend Thursday afternoon with these guys rather than being stuck in traffic. So any advice that I could give for anyone looking to start Sophie’s course: be consistent, put your mind to it and remember the reason or the why as to why you wanna do Sophie’s course. For me, the reason was so that I could spend more time with my family and my friends. Guys, we only live life once. You don’t wanna be working 50 years of your life to enjoy 20 years of retirement; you wanna be working 20 years of your life to enjoy 50 years of retirement. This is Adrian, signing off.