I started working with Sophie back in 2016, when I left my job at a big law firm. And in 2016 I started trying to sell on Amazon. As a quasi stay at home dad type situation and blossomed into good relationships across our whole community. It’s a very tight knit community and eventually that led to me trying to do what I can to help other eCommerce entrepreneurs get everything set up.

I was attracted to Sophie because she’s intellectual and she’s smart and she looks at this as running a real business and not just a get rich quick scheme. So it’s well worth the investment and the time to become part of her community. Sophie helped by introducing me to this whole Amazon business model and her full course is set up to take you from a to Z with what you need to know to pick a good product and get it sold. I think if you wanted to learn how to sell products on Amazon and do it the right way and build a business that is meant to be something to help you in your future, then Sophie’s a good person to work with for that.