Hi, I’m Caroline Domanska and I’m a mindset coach from Berkshire in the U.K. I found out about Sophie’s course after listening to some podcasts and seeing it advertised on Facebook. I resonated with Sophie because she’s a mum, just like me, got a three year old and another one on the way, and I was looking to make good income on my own terms, just like Sophie’s talks about, with flexibility around her children and that’s exactly how I see my life being set up. I was intrigued by Sophie’s approach, it seemed to be, there was a lack of cookie cutter which I didn’t want that approach so then there was more ndividualization. Sophie herself had tried those big name courses but had worked out her own way of doing things which I could see had some sustainability and longevity in the business rather than sort of a one hit wonder, which is what I wanted from setting up an Amazon business myself. Before I took the course I did have some passive income streams but the majority of my income came from face to face coaching work. I knew I wanted a second baby and I also knew from my experience first time around that working one on one and having a newborn baby those two things don’t mix very well. So I was looking for another income stream that would allow me some time off.

I’m really really pleased that I took the course, it’s allowed me to create that income stream that is a bit more behind the scenes, I don’t have to be the face of it, it’s something I can work on anytime of the day, so late at night or nap times or anything like that. The step by step approach of the course and the support from Sophie’s coaches as well as the weekly webinars have really transformed me from being confused, like where do I start, to now having a system that I can follow. I’ve launched one product successfully and that’s bringing me in a regular income now and I know I can replicate that time and time again and I’m on search now for my product number two. The biggest win is that this baby is due in March and I know I can either keep working on the business because it will fit in, you know in those sort of small moments of down time that I’ll have, or indeed I could just leave it ticking away in the background for me whilst having time off with the little one, and that is completely priceless right? So if you are considering doing Sophie’s course, please do take the plunge. You can do this, follow the steps, be enthused and motivated by Sophie’s no nonsense approach, she’s really informative and she’s really genuine, she wants everybody to succeed and everybody to succeed well and have a long term business with Amazon. Get the results that you want so you can start bringing in an income that works for you no matter what else is going on in your life.