The reason why I came to the Blue Sky event was because I wanted to learn more so we could become more flexible with our job and create a brand and find out all the details and the inner workings of Amazon. I could guess for the next year and do it on my own and go through probably more ups and downs, or I could learn it right now and get started a lot quicker.

My favorite part of this event was learning what not to do because I think that’s why people don’t make money and aren’t successful, is they don’t know what to do and then they guess and then they have to keep guessing and guessing. So if you already know what not to do, then you know what to do. And then you can get started quicker.

With all the knowledge I learned from Sophie and all the guest speakers, it’s going to help us hone in on exactly what products we think are going to work and not work and help us build our brand.
Jean A.:Why someone would come to this event is because Sophie Howard has already done this multiple times successfully. So she was not a one off. And she’s collaborated and with other successful people who have helped hone in her whole operation. And so you’re learning from somebody who really knows what she’s doing, and loves it and is passionate about it at the same time, which I like because you want to be able to be creative and be passionate about what you do.

If you’re thinking about coming to the next event, I would say my advice would be to go for it and do it. There’s always something to learn and there’s very successful people here who can teach you the ropes and get you started on a lot quicker path than if you were just bouncing around trying to figure it out on your own.