Hi my name is Melanie Williams and I am here today to create this video and talk to you aboutSophie’s Amazon course and how I came to find it and the path that it’s leading me on. I currently am an operationsmanager for an IT company, and also a mom of twoschool-aged children. And that’s what led mekind of down this path. About five years ago, I reallywanted to find something that I could do and run. I have, so in those few years, dabbled with quite a few different things and learnt so much along the way. A little bit about importing into New Zealand, where I live, and just kind of the start of businesses and getting my head around that. Those kind of two opportunities,as I would call them, were my first attempt at learning and I really kind of dugdown to what kind of business I really wanted to start.

And that’s when I found Sophie’s course. It came up in a Facebookfeed and I watched the video and it just hit so many buttons of why, I’ll call them my first attempts, didn’t quite work andit’s something I could do outside of having to quit mypart-time job at the moment. So I was happy to say that Isigned on to Sophie’s course in March last year, and yeah, it’s been really great so far. I feel like it’s likegoing along a journey and having someone walk beside you and being able to helpyou along that path. I currently am an Amazon seller, so that path’s got me myfirst product into Amazon, so I’m really stoked about that and seeing what the futureholds and how I can grow that. It was just really helpfulwith following a few of the videos and then diving in yourself and just having the Facebook group and the coaches, as well,were just really helpful of kind of pushing into thosenext steps when I got stuck. So yeah, I’m really lookingforward to what 2020 brings me. My goal is to list another five products and see where this venture goes. So for me, it’s like five,four, three, two, one, let’s go.