By coming here, I thought I’d get immersed not just with the people of Blue Sky, but all the other attendants that are here. I am a business owner now. I did set up my LLC and the information I’m getting from the seminar has been very beneficial in getting it growing and allowing me to get started and to see how I could scale and see what the future does hold if we apply all the things that we are taught here.

Well my favorite part in this event here was first of all meeting Sophie, seeing her in the flesh. She is as real as it gets. She oozes with integrity, enthusiasm, passion, and a strong desire to teach us how to do it so we can replicate what she has done here. The individual seminars that she gave obviously for purpose or experiences, the in depth knowledge and the just tidbits of information she gets pulls from her knowledge has just been very, very beneficial.

So if you’re thinking about coming to an event like this to help improve your business, to build, or even start your business, I was strongly encouraging you to do this, because you will walk away here enthused with a strong passion and the information you need to build and scale your business.