Hi, my name’s Lee Anne and this is my husband Steve and we live in sunny Northland in New Zealand. And currently our day job is as new home consultants for a building company. – So since we heard about Sophie’s Course we now also have an Amazon business. We had been looking for a product based online business. Something that would give us greater opportunities to travel and better financial freedom. – And it’s a gold mind of information on running an Amazon business. Step by step lessons on everything. – We had help getting our accounts open and learning the Amazon system. – Finding product ideas and assessing them. Communicating with suppliers in places like India and China. Something I thought we’d never be doing. – And right through to getting our listings right on Amazon.

The coaches and the advice and the instructions, fantastic! – This is really given us the confidence to move forward. And also we’ve been traveling already. We went on one of Sophie’s Groups Tours to a trade fair in India and we absolutely had a ball! – So in the few short months since we’ve started, we have our professional sellers account open, our first trademark is underway, we have Amazon enhanced branding, and our first product is selling! As of today our second product is about to hit the shelves. It’s just arrived at Amazon’s warehouse. We know it’s still early days but we already feel like a success. And we know that with the training support that we’re getting we’ll reach our financial goals. If you’re looking for a new adventure that will result in more free time and a relatively passive income I can’t think of a better option than joining Sophie’s Supportive Community.

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